Sword of Islam

Sword of Islam 0.3

Is a mod based on Rhye's and Fall of Civilizations for Civilization 4
0.3.5 (See all)

Medieval Middle Eastern mod based on Rhye's and Fall of Civilizations for Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword.
-Medieval Middle Eastern setting: new map, 31 civs, UUs, UPs, UHVs, tech tree, units, buildings, wonders, music etc.
-RFC features: Rise and Fall, Stability, Plague, Unique Powers, Historical Victory, historical Barbarian invasions
-Conditional spawns: some civs will only spawn if certain historical conditions are met e.g. Ottomans will only spawn after 1300 AD if Seljuk Sultanate of Rum is destroyed or unstable
-Provinces: the map is divided into historical regions; these are used by RFC mechanics, historical events and regional mercenary system (e.g. elephant units can only be hired in and aronud India, Daylamite mercenaries are only available in Iran, Pashtun Warriors in Afghanistan, and so on)
-Honorific titles: players can claim contested titles as one of their victory conditions, or just for the added benefits the title provides, e.g. the Commander of the Faithful can call for holy wars against infidels and heretics
-Eight historical religions (e.g. Sunni and Shia Islam), heresy, persecution, religious massacres (i.e. you can murder all disbelievers when you conquer a city)
-Eight trade companies and religious and military orders replace corporations and spread on their own in a semi-deterministic way
-New historical and random events (religious revolts, heresies, crusades, relics, themed plot and building events)
-Speed improvements: the CAR mod, BTS on Speed, reduced pickling, supressed autosaves during autoplay, PAKed art w/atlases - all compensate for large number of civs, ethnic art and Epic speed option, so that the mod is as fast, or faster than regular RFC

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